Things To Re-remember Everyday

1 – Live in the present. That is the only thing that will ever matter and that is the only thing you can actually influence.

2 – Dream big.

3 – Never say “I wish” or “I hope”…Always say “I can” and “I will”. Language is so important.

4 – Don’t just think; act.

5 – If something is making you feel negative…get rid of it. Have faith in the unknown and don’t retain things because you’re afraid of letting go.

6 – Read…Read…Read.

7 – Define what success means to you and hunt it down.

8 – Support yourself. If you can’t depend on yourself then your happiness will rely on your expectations of others; which you have no control over. The only thing you can control is the way you think and act.

9 – Your only fear should be: not trying something.

10 – You never lose anything; you only ever learn.


One thought on “Things To Re-remember Everyday

  1. Kavita – this is just great! hard to say which of these I like the most – all so true and so helpful. Keep on with the blogging – you will give many people insight and inspiration :))

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