Reasons “Why?” Matters

As I edge closer to the age where the unwritten laws of society give me the rights to begin to get offended when people ask how old I am (21); I have become a firm believer of learning.

Throughout my childhood I placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of grades however, something has changed in me and I no longer put my eggs in one basket. Instead, I have noticed the importance of learning without being stuck in a system and chasing grades.

The fact is, there is always something new to learn outside of books and school, therefore there will never be a person who knows everything; no matter how many degrees he or she has. Due to this reason, it is important to be willing to seek knowledge and constantly be ready to ask “Why?” even after our education years are  over; as doing this can lead to:

1 – Staying grounded. Arrogance melts away in the face of curiosity and child-like wonderment.

2 – New ideas take shape when new knowledge is attained.

3 – It opens your mind to doing things differently and finding a new approach to a problem. This ultimately leads to no problems, as you know there will always be solutions.

4 – Failure becomes a means to an end and begins to look insignificant.

5 – You begin to view everything as a resource that can be shaped to suit the ends you wish to achieve.

6 – Listening becomes more important than speaking.

7 – You can converse with any type of person that you meet. Assuming you  wish to speak, of course.

8 – Creativity grows.

9 – The ability to question ideas and concepts increases as you become more analytical.

10 – The ability to be witty is a direct repercussion of knowledge. Comedians become the smartest people on Earth.

~Forever young through forever learning~


One thought on “Reasons “Why?” Matters

  1. The last point sure is true :).

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