The Unknown – Part ii

The previous post focused on the fear of valuing ourselves and although that is a legitimate issue, the underlying problem within most problems is fear.

Mostly fear of the unknown.

People fear death, moving to new schools, aliens…you name it. I’ve realised that most of these “fears” are inadequate because fear does not actually exist. We fear things because we are unsure of how it will affect us, but seriously, what is the worse that can happen? Nothing. Because whatever happens, good or bad, you will learn and grow and become better in the process.

At this point, many people (have and) will reply “Death is the worse that can happen”; is it really? How do you know? Death is inevitable so how can that even be a fear? Come to think of it, why do we fear it if it isn’t even unknown?

Without the fear of the unknown and a steady mindset which seeks to only learn, people have conquered new challenges and this summer something special happened.

Felix Baumgartner jumped off the edge of Space, span around in mid-air at terrifying revolutions and reached the speed of sound.

This guy could have died. One little mistake and he was gone.

But he chose to do it. He furthered the knowledge of mankind and in a couple of minutes summarised how life needs to be lived.

Without fear.


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