Mental Backflips And Star Jumps

The economic depression can empty pockets and cause people to lose their jobs, however, one aspect of the economic depression the media tends to overlook is its impacts on mental depression.

It is no secret that the Mind, like other muscles in the body, needs to be exercised frequently for it to work at its best, but when unemployment hits, there can be a tendency to allow your brain to switch off and become nothing short of a lazy slob that feeds off carbohydrates. In the world of the Mind, carbohydrates include lack of thought and lots of uninspiring conversations which do not utilise the brain to its full capacity.

Boring conversations and lack of ideas can take its toll on the Mind; they clog up your mental arteries and allow the Mind to drip with slow, lethargic ideas that waste space and time with their limited value. Much of this impacts a person in the same way lack of physical exercise would impact a person.

You begin to dislike yourself. You cannot see any good in you. You practically hate yourself.

And all this will only lead you to sink lower and lower until you stop applying for jobs and end up feeling like you are useless.

Depression. Darkness.

That’s no good. If you are unemployed then the only way to gain employment is through action, so we must stay away from inaction, right?

But how?

Keep exercising your brain. Do mental cartwheels every minute of the day. This gives people ideas and once Minds go into overdrive with the creation of ideas, solutions are only a couple of steps away.

And the best form of exercise?

Self-Learning. It’s free!

With the age of the Internet upon us, our Minds are a click away from learning. Aside from keeping the Mind active, learning something new during periods of unemployment is a great way to develop skills and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Active Mind

Some subjects I feel are best to learn in this day and age include: Coding – Codecademy, Mathematics – ExamSolutions; MathsRevision, Languages, Music and there are plenty more to suit different interests! Feel free to comment below and share subjects/websites which are great to develop new skills from.

~Keep the mind employed at times of unemployment~


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