Things You Shouldn’t Do During An Interview

If you are looking for a typical post aimed at the recent graduate who needs tips on conducting the type of interview that will make the interviewer do the gangnam style; this is not it.

This post will instead focus on things that interviewers should never do.

Yup you read that correctly. Interviewers can be susceptible to mishaps too. After all, they are also humans (so I’m told) and as we all know, humans are talented at making all kinds of mistakes.

Interrogation Taking Place

Interrogation Taking Place

We are often told that an interview is a two-way process, so being the annoying, inquisitive child that questions why the sky is blue, I tend to create a mental analysis of a company when I am at an interview whilst the interviewer is analysing my credentials as a potential employee (it’s only fair!).

Interviews are the first connection between a candidate and the firm, so positive first impressions from the interviewer are as important as the impressions from a candidate. The main reason for this is that companies undertaking interviews are seeking someone to do work for them and generally, candidates often apply to more than one place, therefore companies need to stand out from the other organisations that the candidate has applied to.

So here is some advice to the interviewer from candidates around the world:

-Do not read a CV for the first time whilst the candidate is sitting opposite you. If you do, at least try not to mention the fact that you are viewing the CV for the first time, to the candidate.

-Do not go into the interview without knowing exactly what your company wants from the candidate; especially if the role is voluntary or only pays expenses. This can put off candidates from accepting a potential job offer as it raises suspicion about the kind of tasks the company will make the candidate do. Being overworked, especially when tasks have nothing to do with the role that was initially applied for, and not being paid for the extra work is akin to modern-day slavery.

-If you are going to pay the candidate; make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of what the company will pay the candidate. Whether the role is unpaid, commission only or set salary, candidates would like the facts to be transparent so that they can be sure they will get what they are entitled to.

I have mentioned 3 points but I am sure that there are probably a countless number of other “don’ts” for interviewers. Feel free to share your own points below.

Business/Charity Mix

Ever sat at home and watched a charity advert?

They tend to be depressing. Moreover, how many people actually donate after watching a charity advert? Not me.

I’m no monster with a heart made of rock, but I rarely feel like giving money to charity is enough and prefer action for charity as opposed to sending a blank cheque to an office and hoping it goes to the people who need it. Having said that, I’m sure the money does go to the people in need, but what’s the use of money going to the people in need when the public is apprehensive about sending charities their hard earned cash?

One thing that I have recently been thinking about is a way to mix businesses, customers and charity work together. Businesses and companies use clever marketing ideas all the time but when they enhance business whilst giving to charity and making a difference, you could argue that businesses have essentially found gold dust.

Here are two examples of calling the general public to give to charity:

Innocent Knitwear!

Innocent Drinks: Big Knit

Innocent Drinks: Big Knit

The first Business/Charity Mix I will look at is the recent Innocent Drinks partnership with Age UK. For those that do not know, Age UK is a charity which aims to improve the lives of the elderly. Although we are only just reaching the end of November, the British weather has been particularly cold this year and unfortunately this means that the elderly population of Britain will be under threat from diseases and deaths related to the cold. Every year there are over 20,000 cold-related deaths during the Winter months (December-March) compare to other times during the year and Age UK have so far achieved much success in providing blankets and other forms of help to the elderly population of Britain.

This idea, by the wonderfully creative marketing team at Innocent Drinks, is a great way to mix fun, a bit of knitting and charity work together whilst continuing to make money from selling their products.

Make sure you wrap yourself, your drink and some lovely grandparents up with an awesome woolly hat this Winter, because it is getting cold…Brr!

Humble Bundle!

The second Business/Charity Mix I want to share with you is something called the Humble Bundle. It does exactly what the title says it is. The Humble Bundle site is one for anyone interested in purchasing top games for a cheap price whilst having the option to pay whatever you wish to whoever you wish.

Sounds amazing right?

It is.

Not only can you purchase at the price you wish, you can choose to give the money to developers, the website that runs this idea or to a charitable cause. Furthermore, Humble Bundle allows you to split the money you are paying to all three of these stakeholders!

So take a look at it. Currently they have a Games Bundle deal that is worth checking out before the time runs out!

That is how you do business, engage customers and help charity!