Bipartisan Bromance

As Hurricane Sandy calms down and reveals the damage its power has caused, Politics has arguably been forgotten and managing the mess seems to be the main aim of the American people.

Only last week Republican Governor Christie of New Jersey was Mitt Romney’s adamant supporter; campaigning on behalf of the Republican Presidential Candidate and trying to gain as much support for him as possible.

Since the arrival of “Frankenstorm” Sandy, the New Jersey Governor seems to have left Politics to the side and is purely seeking to rebuild his home town. Allegiances and the looming election have been forgotten to such an extent that Christie has praised President Obama’s reaction to the disaster:

Such positive compliments given to the opposition Party member is surely going to make a few Republican stomachs churn once the storm has calmed down. Quite literally.

But what will be really interesting to see, in the coming days, is how this bipartisan bromance divides the electorates on November 6th. Will Romney continue to keep up with Obama in the polls right up until election day? The President’s management of the disaster has been quick and efficient, but will it be enough to keep him in the White House?

The answer to these questions may, ultimately, rely on the emotions of millions of New Yorkers devastated by the natural disaster and how quickly they are given food, water, shelter and electricity. If they are not dealt with properly, Romney may gain traction, but if Obama continues to fulfil his duty as President, he may even win comfortably.

~Here’s hoping the American citizens are able to jump back on their feet as quickly as possible~