Here’s what the internet’s arteries look like in 2014

Got to love it when the World Map is portrayed in a different way.


Great news for connectivity connoisseurs: the analyst firm TeleGeography just published this year’s edition of its world map, featuring all the submarine cable systems that comprise the arteries of the internet.

The map also shows the cables’ landing points (easier to see if you zoom in on the interactive version), which is handy for those who take an interest in the current surveillance scandal. Why is British intelligence so good at tapping cables? Here’s why – so many of them pass through the U.K.:

Cable map UK

The 2014 edition includes 263 cables that are lit (in service), and 22 that should be lit by the end of 2015, so 285 cable systems in total. Last year’s map showed 244 cables, and the year before that just 150, so the cable-laying boom of a few years back has definitely slowed down.

Unfortunately this year’s edition lacks a neat feature of Telegeography’s…

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The Biblio-Mat

A great way to connect technology and books!

Tales From An Open Book

Would you spend $2 on a random book?  You might, if it came from a fun machine that whirred and shook until it popped out your surprise book!  The Biblio-Mat was created by designer Craig Small for a unique independent book store called The Monkey’s Paw in Toronto. Instead of an old and rarely used book sale table, they came up with this creative way to dispense old books. As the random book is ready to pop out, it chimes with an old telephone bell. How fun and creative!

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How Room to Read Changed My Life

portraits of addiction

I will always think of 2007 as the year that changed my life.  I was 25 years old, a two-time college drop-out, and in a mentally and emotionally controlling relationship.  I partied a lot, barely saw my friends or my family and had completely lost focus of who I was and what I wanted to achieve in life.  I went to work and I went home.  I was lost in a spiral of depression I didn’t know how to climb out of, that is assuming, of course, that I could even figure out where to begin.  I had completely lost sight of who I was and what I wanted from my life.  The only time I ever felt any escape from the dark hole I had dug for myself was when I picked up a book and began to read.  No matter what was going on in my life I…

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