The Earth Song

No. Not the Michael Jackson cover.

“Cover? I thought it was his song!” I hear you cry. Well, it isn’t. Michael Jackson merely gave a human voice to the Earth Song but he did not pen it because the Earth Song has been written and sung long before civilisation itself.

Allow me to explain.

I came across a picture the other day; this one to be precise:

Some Tree Advice

And an idea which had been pushed to the back of my mind came to the forefront. This idea that I am about to talk about has been spoken of before so it isn’t new and well, going back to the beginning of this post, the Earth has been trying to drum it into us since forever so I won’t take credit for it.

But before I begin I would like to draw your attention to this video:

Bruce Lee and the image above have captured two verses of the real Earth Song. The image and video both highlight the benefits to our character from imitating nature but it does not stop there because the benefits reach out to all forms of human activity; from the seasonal colours, such as reds and browns for Autumn and yellows for Summer, used in the fashion industry, to engineering solutions used to make buildings withstand problems and to the food industry which uses seasonal ingredients in different dishes.


Trees highlight the importance of confidence by, as the image suggests, standing tall. Having said this, it also shows how standing tall, being stronger and heavier than most living things is not sufficient; rather, you must also keep your feet on the ground so that your strengths do not allow your character to turn into ego. Trees may be strong but they are humble enough to maintain life within them and provide for life around them.


Bruce Lee touched upon a fantastic point; the ability to adapt yourself to fit into different surroundings. Whether you wear clothes to camouflage yourself from enemies whilst in the army or you need to fit into a new country by learning the language, adaptability is essential for survival. Even Darwin agreed with his evolution theory!


The obvious characteristic of Mountains is their strength and height, but as we have already touched upon that when I spoke about trees, I thought it may be better to point out their steepness. The steepness arguably portrays two things; one, life is about the journey as opposed to the peaks and two, you better develop some thick skin along the way. Let’s take a 100m sprinter’s goals and training as a metaphoric mountain. The audience only sees the sprinter from the start to the finish where he is awarded with a gold medal. This is a medal that anyone could make artificially and is arguably just a piece of metal, but it is a medal that matters to the sprinter because of the journey he has taken to get there. The blood, sweat and tears that were felt during painful, intensive training sessions made the piece of metal feel important and ultimately, the sprinter will celebrate the medal win in the short-term, but in the long-term he will rejoice in developing thick skin from his struggles.


Phew. The last paragraph was long wasn’t it? I’ll try keeping this one short. It is no secret that the Sun shares its light with the Moon and it does it without expecting anything back. When people help others out they rarely do things for the sake of helping and always expect some sort of favour back, but that mentality can turn negative quickly, especially because not receiving help after you have expected it in return, will hurt and can make people seek “revenge”. Moral? Illuminate freely.

Smiling Sun

So there you have it. I have put up some free advice from Nature to guide humanity and I am sure you could think of at least one other example of a message the Earth is singing to us.

For the humans who do not understand the language of the Earth, in Michael Jackson’s human voice,

“Did you ever stop to notice the crying Earth, the weeping shores?”

It’s the end of my post so if you haven’t stopped reading and started thinking of examples already, then your time to begin is…coming up in…





The Biblio-Mat

A great way to connect technology and books!

Tales From An Open Book

Would you spend $2 on a random book?  You might, if it came from a fun machine that whirred and shook until it popped out your surprise book!  The Biblio-Mat was created by designer Craig Small for a unique independent book store called The Monkey’s Paw in Toronto. Instead of an old and rarely used book sale table, they came up with this creative way to dispense old books. As the random book is ready to pop out, it chimes with an old telephone bell. How fun and creative!

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The Rites Of Reading

Have you ever felt so engrossed into a book that it becomes family?

I have.

Every single time I read a book I find myself captured by the world the Author has created and after every book is completed, I feel empty. As if someone I know is going away from me and all I have left are the memories.

It all begins with picking the book. All together now:


You search through genres and titles until one book stands out to you. Then you find a place to sit. I say “sit” but in actual fact you need a place where you can lay down and toss around side to side, because let’s face it; How many people ever read a book in this position:

Weird Reading Position

No one.

Well, maybe the person in the image reads like that…Actually, come to think of it, I am sure that image has been photoshopped. Seriously, who sits like that throughout a whole book?

This is the normal way:

Normal Reading Position

I see that you are all nodding your heads frantically and applauding in agreement…and if you aren’t, that was a subtle cue to do so.

Anyways, back to reading. So we’ve found a book and a place to read, now to read the book.

The reading journey starts off with the weight of the pages on your right hand. Until half way through the book, your right arm will be more muscular than your left but as the pages switch sides, the left arm will begin to play catch up. So you know – you’re symmetrical.

As this journey takes place, memories are created, experiences are felt, friendships are made as the characters come to life, the book falls on your face and starts to bruise your nose and cheeks and then the story picks up (making you drop the book on your face a few more times), the story reaches the climax, you find out what happens and then…it comes to  an end. Just. Like. That.

At this point we’ve reached the fourth rite: end.

This is possibly the most difficult out of all the rites of passage. Your characters leave you, a sense of loss takes over your entire body, you feel confused, you cry, you throw tantrums, you forget there is reality around you but luckily, there is hope:

Finally, after you have mourned, it dawns upon you that it is time to pick up another book and go through the Rites of Reading again.

That’s a hint to read this article again.

Mental Backflips And Star Jumps

The economic depression can empty pockets and cause people to lose their jobs, however, one aspect of the economic depression the media tends to overlook is its impacts on mental depression.

It is no secret that the Mind, like other muscles in the body, needs to be exercised frequently for it to work at its best, but when unemployment hits, there can be a tendency to allow your brain to switch off and become nothing short of a lazy slob that feeds off carbohydrates. In the world of the Mind, carbohydrates include lack of thought and lots of uninspiring conversations which do not utilise the brain to its full capacity.

Boring conversations and lack of ideas can take its toll on the Mind; they clog up your mental arteries and allow the Mind to drip with slow, lethargic ideas that waste space and time with their limited value. Much of this impacts a person in the same way lack of physical exercise would impact a person.

You begin to dislike yourself. You cannot see any good in you. You practically hate yourself.

And all this will only lead you to sink lower and lower until you stop applying for jobs and end up feeling like you are useless.

Depression. Darkness.

That’s no good. If you are unemployed then the only way to gain employment is through action, so we must stay away from inaction, right?

But how?

Keep exercising your brain. Do mental cartwheels every minute of the day. This gives people ideas and once Minds go into overdrive with the creation of ideas, solutions are only a couple of steps away.

And the best form of exercise?

Self-Learning. It’s free!

With the age of the Internet upon us, our Minds are a click away from learning. Aside from keeping the Mind active, learning something new during periods of unemployment is a great way to develop skills and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Active Mind

Some subjects I feel are best to learn in this day and age include: Coding – Codecademy, Mathematics – ExamSolutions; MathsRevision, Languages, Music and there are plenty more to suit different interests! Feel free to comment below and share subjects/websites which are great to develop new skills from.

~Keep the mind employed at times of unemployment~

Reading – Fight Against Poverty?

My previous reblog got me thinking about the power of reading and the significance it has in our lives.

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the art of reading and its ability to transport me to existent and nonexistent places. Reading was seen as a way to exercise my imagination and appease my large appetite to wonder about new worlds and ideas. Reading is my first true love.

Me and my lover

Although my romantic, childish love for reading has by no means depleted through the years, my practical mind does however, understand the importance and wider impacts of the ability to read now more than ever.

Reading frees the mind from the chains of ignorance and develops a reader’s ability to not only understand new ideas, but analyse them critically too.

So why is this important? What can this achieve?

Imagine you are stuck in a shanty town, say Dharavi in Mumbai, and you are living in a hut like this:

Dharavi Slum, Mumbai

It’s overcrowded, dirty and the sewage system is open so that diseases spread easily.

In this situation many families are stuck in a cycle where they must find any job they can so they are able to survive and see another day. There is no time to go to school because you are needed to work and earn a couple of Rupees so that your family can have at least one meal a day. When you are stuck in a cycle like this, you are more than likely to remain in the cycle, because your mind is focused on short-term survival as opposed to seeking long-term sustainable solutions.

At this point, if you had basic language skills, you could read the news, learn about the developments of the world outside the slum and realise that there are solutions; realise that life CAN get better.

Just knowing that can transform the way you think and act.

You create your own ideas by borrowing other ideas and slowly, bit by bit, you give youself a chance to escape poverty.

I am by no means claiming reading is the one and only solution to ending poverty, but the ability to read is certainly a small and quite easily accessible step towards transforming lives.

Charities such as READ International are doing a fantastic job at spreading books, knowledge and ideas around the world. May it continue until every person on this planet has the ability to read.

~Arise knowledge-proletariats, break the chains of your minds and free yourself from ignorance~

How Room to Read Changed My Life

portraits of addiction

I will always think of 2007 as the year that changed my life.  I was 25 years old, a two-time college drop-out, and in a mentally and emotionally controlling relationship.  I partied a lot, barely saw my friends or my family and had completely lost focus of who I was and what I wanted to achieve in life.  I went to work and I went home.  I was lost in a spiral of depression I didn’t know how to climb out of, that is assuming, of course, that I could even figure out where to begin.  I had completely lost sight of who I was and what I wanted from my life.  The only time I ever felt any escape from the dark hole I had dug for myself was when I picked up a book and began to read.  No matter what was going on in my life I…

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Bipartisan Bromance

As Hurricane Sandy calms down and reveals the damage its power has caused, Politics has arguably been forgotten and managing the mess seems to be the main aim of the American people.

Only last week Republican Governor Christie of New Jersey was Mitt Romney’s adamant supporter; campaigning on behalf of the Republican Presidential Candidate and trying to gain as much support for him as possible.

Since the arrival of “Frankenstorm” Sandy, the New Jersey Governor seems to have left Politics to the side and is purely seeking to rebuild his home town. Allegiances and the looming election have been forgotten to such an extent that Christie has praised President Obama’s reaction to the disaster:

Such positive compliments given to the opposition Party member is surely going to make a few Republican stomachs churn once the storm has calmed down. Quite literally.

But what will be really interesting to see, in the coming days, is how this bipartisan bromance divides the electorates on November 6th. Will Romney continue to keep up with Obama in the polls right up until election day? The President’s management of the disaster has been quick and efficient, but will it be enough to keep him in the White House?

The answer to these questions may, ultimately, rely on the emotions of millions of New Yorkers devastated by the natural disaster and how quickly they are given food, water, shelter and electricity. If they are not dealt with properly, Romney may gain traction, but if Obama continues to fulfil his duty as President, he may even win comfortably.

~Here’s hoping the American citizens are able to jump back on their feet as quickly as possible~