The Truth Behind The End Of The World

Everyone has an opinion on what will happen at the end of this year. Personally, I do not think the entire World will end just yet and if it does then clearly I am no Mayan.

Anyways, here are some scientific facts (cough) I have learnt about the Mayan civilisation:

-They want the World to party at the same time on the same day. They were clearly a kind bunch.

Party Like A Mayan

Party Like A Mayan

-They were hungry for fame and wanted higher celebrity status than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

-The Mayan civilisation were known for their practical jokes.

-The Mayans were made extinct before they could add more dates to their calendar.

-The Mayans loved getting drunk.

Having said that, Death generally puts Life into perspective and if there is one thing that we should learn from the idea that the World is going to end, it is this;

-Death is the fact of Life; whether you are Rich or Poor, all our ends will be the same. Therefore material things are useless in front of Death which means that we should endeavor to increase our kindness towards all other Beings over trying to step on people so we can have the most money, the best clothes and the fanciest of homes.